Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Washita County Storm Damage

Based on my brief investigation after this morning's severe storm (and I am most certainly not a damage survey expert) the damage began with some large, round hay bales moved around in a field SW of the L. Horn farm on CR 2320. The Horn farmstead sustained light damage to trees, a small shed and the porch on the NW side of the house. This narrow track of damage continued NE destroying a small garden shed on a farmyard on the S side of the Corn Road (CR 113). The fence-line N of the road was full of small pieces of debris. The Penner farmstead N of the road sustained the most extensive damage - a destroyed silo, a garage which lost its roof etc. Debris was mostly scattered NE of this farm although there was some E and even SE. The fence-line ENE was filled with pieces of twisted, corrugated roof sheets. 

 Damaged silo and debris on Penner farm W of Corn.