Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Throckmorton, TX Supercell April 1, 2014

Here are several shots from the Throckmorton, TX supercell yesterday evening. The cell began to develop at a dryline - frontal intersection near Stamford and moved quickly NE toward the Throckmorton area where it made a hard right turn and went tornado warned. No tornadoes witnessed, although there may have been a funnel cloud before the warning was issued. We were a bit too far from the wall-cloud to say for sure. We did encounter some quarter-sized hail later on E of Woodson with a few golf balls and tennis balls thrown in! All three photos below were shot from a position S of Throckmorton on US 183/283.

Rather high and flat sculpted barred updraft base.  6:29 pm CDT:

Starting to organized better as the cell went tornado-warned.  6:42 pm CDT:

Rather high-based wall cloud with rising scud.  6:48 pm CDT:

Chase Data:
Team Chase - Eugene Thieszen and Walt Gish
375 Miles
No tornadoes