Sunday, April 15, 2012

Video of Cherokee, OK Tornadoes 04/14/2012

Dance of the Twins:

Tornado narrowly misses farmyard:

Kansas - Oklahoma High Risk 04/14/2012

Two members of the WXtreme Chase Team, Walt Gish and Eugene Thieszen departed Cordell at about 10:00 am for an initial staging point of Medicine Lodge, KS with a brief stop in Enid to pick up Jason Caster.  The third chase team member, Eric Sipes, traveled with John Hall and Ashley Mills for more or less the same target area.  While on the way a PDS tornado watch was issued for the target area and storms began to develop NE of Meade, KS and move toward the Bucklin area.  There were reports of some brief tornadoes with those cells.  So, instead of staging in Medicine Lodge as planned, we headed toward Coldwater to refuel and strategize.  By that time a new supercell was ongoing to the S near the Oklahoma border so we headed E along US 160 to intercept it on its NE course.  Setting up on the Aetna Road, we observed its approach.  It developed a large wall cloud and perhaps a few brief funnels, but no tornado seemed imminent.

View to the SW from Aetna Road at 3:58 CDT:

Saturday, April 14, 2012