Friday, April 23, 2010

Video of Tornadoes Near Jericho and Clarendon, TX 04/22/2010

Texas Panhandle Tornadofest 04/22/2010

The WXtreme Chase team met up in Cordell, OK and departed around noon for the Clarendon, TX area.  The day's setup looked to be a classic TX Panhandle dryline day with the Caprock in the mix.  There was a secondary target further S along the Caprock in the Matador area, but at least for the middle to late part of the afternoon the northern target seemed to have better dynamics.  We set up in Hedley, TX at about 3:00 pm CDT  to wait for things to pop.  We didn't have long to wait.  By 4:15 CDT a storm had become established about 25 miles to our WSW.  We moved closer toward Clarendon not wanting to commit too early since convection was developing in more than one area.

Here is a view of the first well-established storm looking WSW from along US 287 between Hedley and Clarendon:
Clarendon 1