Thursday, May 31, 2012

W-N Texas Chase 05/30/2012

Walt Gish and I headed out for the Childress, TX area on this chase.  Did not get on target early enough to get in position on the first tornadic supercell, but were treated to an incredible early evening "dust-eater" supercell which we chased from near Paducah down to E of Guthrie.  Witnessed one brief tornado E of Guthrie just after 8:00 CDT.

The "dirt-eater" along US 83 near Grow, TX at about 7:35 CDT:

Brief tornado E of Guthrie as it dissipates at 8:05 CDT.  The well-defined funnel had already disappeared by the time we stopped to take this picture, but the ground circulation remained under what looks like ragged scud:

Chase stats:
Team Chase: Eugene Thieszen and Walt Gish
Miles: 412
Tornadoes: 1 (very brief)

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