Wednesday, April 10, 2013

W Oklahoma Spring Ice Storm 04/10/2013

After several days of warm weather W Oklahoma was blasted with a surprise spring ice storm that brought down tree branches and caused numerous power outages.  The precipitation was produced by marginally severe ana-frontal thunderstorms above a layer of unusually cold air for April.  Some of the early morning storms were accompanied by quite a bit of lightning and some small hail.  Most of the ice-build up in Washita County occurred after 4:00 am CDT and anywhere from 3/8 -1/2" of ice accumulated depending on the surface.  By 6:30 am CDT the precipitation had transitioned to sleet.  Here are some photos I (Gene) shot during the early morning after the precipitation had ended.

Budding tree branch iced up:

Clothes line and pins with a good 1/2" inch of ice accumulation:

Carport icicles in April!

Pine branch encased by ice accumulation.  Kinda pretty but the weight damaged 
the tree though not too badly.

Household power connection...fortunately not enough ice to bring it down.

Iced up power lines and transformer:

Fortunately by afternoon the sun came out and the ice quickly disappeared.  Power in Cordell was restored by mid-afternoon in most locations, however some areas of Custer County near Clinton and rural areas of Washita County were still without electricity at 6:00 pm.

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