Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photogenic Supercell 5/7/2013

On Tuesday Jason headed up to the Woodward area on a marginal setup in hopes that the RAP model would be correct in projecting a late afternoon supercell.  At around 5pm a cell started to form just NW of Woodward.  The cell was slow moving so I was able to find a good vantage point and watch the evolution of the storm.

My first exciting moment of the day was the formation of a slightly active wall cloud which was unexpected.

View of Wall Cloud to the West of Woodward

The storm continued to mold itself into a very photogenic structure as it turned southeast.

Structure taking shape just to the NW of Woodward

Eventually the storm took on a stacked pancake form just as the sun sank below the horizon.

View almost directly beneath the cell as it reached the outskirts of Woodward

Chase Stats:
Team Member: Jason Caster
Miles: ~150
Tornadoes: 0

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