Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NE Texas 2 - WXtreme Chase Team 0

Tuesday, April 26 was a second disappointing day in NE Texas for our Chase Team - Monday wasn't too hot either!   Arriving at our initial target of Greenville, TX on time and in good shape,  we noted storms going up on the triple-point in Van Zandt County, but in this case our "stick to the original target" philosophy got the better of us.  Every time we nearly made the decision to head south, the boundary gave indications that storms would develop as we had forecast.  Case in point: a cell that developed NE of Dallas and went severe in 20 minutes.  Visually it had every indication that it would become a major supercell and then proceeded to die a quick and ignominious death!

By the time we decided to take on the southern storms as it was apparent that they were eating up the moisture needed for sustained convection on the stationary front, it was very difficult to find a way through and as a result the only thing we managed was to see was a mostly rain-wrapped meso east of Minneola near Hawkins.  Nothing to write home about!

But then, there is always another day and always another storm.  No chaser gets it right every time!  And so far NE Texas has kept our pride in check!


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